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Aquilea uses the Power of Nature to produce the perfect synergy whose main goal is to provide an answer to all of the needs of everyday life.

Aquilea has years of acquired experience researching the power of nature in order to choose her best ingredients to make up products of the highest quality.

Thanks to the thousands of consumers and professionals who day after day trust in us, Aquilea has become one of the benchmark brands for nutritional supplements in Spain.


Desire and Vitality

Are relations with your partner not the same as before? Find out more about our Relations line of products.

Do you dream of sleeping well?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Is your sleep interrupted at night? Have you heard of Aquilea Sleep and its innovative bilayer tablet? Remember that with Aquilea Sleep, sleeping well is natural

Collagen for your joints

Do you know that collagen is important for your joints? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and it is found in our joints, cartilage, bones and skin.

Energy for your muscles

Do you occasionally feel fatigued or tired? Do you play sports or have an unbalanced diet? In that case, Magnesium is the mineral for you. Find out how more on how it can help you.

Dictionary of ingredients