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Our commitment

natural products

Since 1978, Aquilea’s mission has been to offer alternatives with natural agents for any question related to people’s wellbeing.

AQUILEA is committed to those who wish to complement their regular diet in order to take care of their health, all while respecting the integrity of their organism. 



At Aquilea we invest in research and investigation in order to constantly offer new products adapted to our daily lifestyle.


High standard and quality active ingredients

The active ingredients in our products come from natural sources. Our goal is to offer products to help take care of our organism in a benevolent way by respecting its need for equilibrium. We assure that each element in our products maintain their intact properties, as our spirit is to treat plants with the same rigorous standards as pharmaceuticals.


Scientifically proven products

We count on the permanent guidance of our external Scientific Committee (doctors, biologists, pharmacists…).  We make a concentrated effort to find the newest plants, and above all, plants with scientifically demonstrated properties to be at your service and to fulfill the needs of your daily life.


Aquilea products within everybody’s reach

Health should be within everybody’s reach. At Aquilea, we want to be your guide in the sometimes-complicated world of natural alternatives so that each one of us, men and women and children, can find a product that is most fit for us.

Because everybody’s wellbeing is important, we also strive to report the suitability of our products for consumer groups with specific needs: children, pregnant women, people with celiac disease, PKU, diabetes, lactose intolerance, etc.