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Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

Part used



The European Medicine Agency (EMA), in its draft, approved the traditional use of ginseng root and its preparations for the treatment of fatigue symptoms, such as tiredness and the sensation of weakness.

Clinical trials show that the ginseng root is able to increase physical and intellectual performance, responsiveness and respiratory function. These effects do not appear immediately, so it takes a while for results to be seen. It is recommended in geriatric treatments.


Generally, ginseng acts on the central nervous system, regulates blood pressure and has immunostimulatory effects. Ginseng shows a protective effect against several agents such as ionizing radiation, infections and toxins, and recovery in cases of physical exhaustion and psychological stress.

Ginsenosides have a neuroprotective effect mediated by antioxidant action.

In addition, ginseng acts directly on tissue cells in the male reproductive system.