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Part used

Leaves, seeds and extracted oil.


With regards to the grape leaf, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) approved the oral use of its dry leaf extract for the treatment of venous insufficiency and its related symptoms (swelling of the legs, varicose veins, heaviness, pain, fatigue, itching, tension and cramps in the calves). It is traditionally used for the relief of symptoms of discomfort and heaviness of the legs related to minor venous disorders and for the symptomatic relief of itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids. The ESCOP approved its use for the relief of varicose vein symptoms.


The leaf is traditionally used as a ventonic (to promote blood circulation in the venous system, the toning of wall veins), a vasoprotector and an astringent. Polyphenolic extracts are traditionally used in the treatment of venous insufficiency, in inflammatory processes and in cardioprotective therapy. They have distinct antioxidant properties, characterized by inhibiting the formation of free radicals.