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Part used

Outer layer of the fruit pericarp, still unripe and fruit pulp.


Dried lemon rind is used as flavoring and for stomach discomfort in infusion mixtures. Lemon has potential as a functional food because, in addition to its vitamins, essential oils and dietary fiber, its flavonoids act synergistically with vitamin C and antioxidants. Lemon flavonoids are used to reduce capillary permeability, especially in the treatment of vein disorders and capillary fragility.

Due to its vitamin C content, lemon juice is used to supplement the symptomatic treatment of colds and flu. Lemon juice, since it contains citric acid, is useful in preventing calcium urolithiasis (kidney stones). In the past, lemon was used in preventing scurvy due to its vitamin C content.


Lemon flavonoids are venotonic in that they reinforce the walls of veins and vasoprotective since they reduce capillary permeability and increase their resistance. Vitamin C and flavonoids are antioxidants and block free radicals.